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Connecting People with Nature in Birdland

Patterson Park Audubon Center Director, Susie Creamer, named Baltimore Gamechanger

Patterson Park Audubon Center (PPAC) is appropriately perched on the second floor of a brick rowhouse, just a few steps from its namesake park. The space is bright and serene. Field guides, binoculars, and taxidermied birds line the walls. An aquarium filter bubbles soothingly. But the tranquil scene indoors belies the buzz of activity that will soon occur outdoors when a school group arrives for a PPAC field program.

And that happens a lot. The nonprofit’s mission is to “conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of Baltimore communities and the Earth’s biological diversity.” It’s a lofty goal supported by numerous educational and community development programs offered in both English and Spanish that nearly 13,000 people participated in last year. But, for many of those participants, there’s also some therapy involved.

How can providing a habitat for wildlife make Baltimore a better place? “Studies show the correlation between green spaces, healthier communities, and lower crime,” says PPAC director Susie Creamer, pictured. “If birds aren’t your priority, there are certainly other reasons to make sure our children have green recreational spaces.” --Vicki Dodson

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