Priority Bird Species

Wood Thrush. Photo: Kathy Johnston / Audubon Photography Awards
A priority species is one that is particularly threatened in terms of the species' long-term survival.

All priority species have been selected through rigorous scientific analysis, and most represent a broad array of other birds and wildlife that use the same habitat type. Conservation focused on priority species is almost always focused on priority habitats as well. Audubon has identified 32 priority-bird species within the Atlantic Flyway.

We at Patterson Park Audubon Center, with the help of Audubon Maryland-DC science experts, have identified five priority bird species which regularly visit and/or breed in Patterson Park, and therefore will be most impacted by our conservation efforts.

Baltimore Oriole

Latin:  Icterus galbula

Illustration for Baltimore Oriole

Chimney Swift

Latin:  Chaetura pelagica

Illustration for Chimney Swift

Wood Thrush

Latin:  Hylocichla mustelina

Illustration for Wood Thrush

American Woodcock

Latin:  Scolopax minor

Illustration for American Woodcock

Black-throated Blue Warbler

Latin:  Setophaga caerulescens

Illustration for Black-throated Blue Warbler


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Bird Species at Patterson Park

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Birding Tours

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