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Berries, Seeds, Nectar, Insects: Bird-Friendly Gardening

Patterson Park Audubon Center Director, Susie Creamer, is interviewed about Bird-Friendly Gardening on WYPR's On the Record.

Baltimore’s Patterson Park is home to more than 200 species of birds, birds hungry for berries, seeds, nectar, and insects. How do you create bird-friendly gardens that increase biodiversity and incorporate native plants? What does it take to master the subtle art of bird-watching? We speak to Susie Creamer, Director of Urban Education and Conservation at the Patterson Park Audubon Center, and Claire Wayner, the bird guide for Audubon's Bird Explorers.

Learn more about bird-friendly gardening here. Check out the top ten lists of bird-friendly trees, shrubs, and plants here. --Sheilah Kast, Maureen Harvie

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