Green Leaders

Middle school leaders focused on climate and community

Audubon's Green Leaders share their message about climate change.

In 2021, the Audubon Green Leaders are going outdoors!

En 2021 ¡Los Green Leaders de Audubon saldran al aire libre!

For eco-minded middle schoolers grades 6-8 looking to get active about climate change, come join the Green Leaders – an after-school program that focuses on the complex issues of climate change, how it affects our birds and communities, and most importantly, what we can do about it! Normally held in classrooms, this time we are taking Green Leaders outdoors to have Patterson Park be our new playing field.

The Green Leaders are provided with many unique opportunities such as field trips, guided birding, guest speakers, native garden plantings, and more – all of which count as service-learning hours for the students. These students are shaping their message on climate change in their own voices through the implementation of various action projects!

Who: Middle schoolers from grades 6, 7, and 8

When: TBD Tuesdays and/or Thursdays, time TBD, September 20th - November 22nd

Where: Patterson Park, at the corner of S. Linwood Ave and E. Baltimore St

Cost: FREE!

We have limited space so please sign up now! Use this interest form to apply.

*COVID-19 rules and regulations apply.


Para estudiantes de secundaria con una conciencia ecológica que buscan ser activos sobre el cambio climático, acompáñanos a Green Leaders – un programa extracurricular que se enfoca en los complejos problemas del cambio climático, cómo afectan a nuestras aves y comunidades, y lo más importante, ¡qué podemos hacer al respecto! Normalmente nos juntamos en las aulas de la escuela, pero esta vez llevamos a los Green Leaders al aire libre en Patterson Park, nuestro nuevo campo de juego.

Los Green Leaders reciben muchas oportunidades únicas, como excursiones, observación de aves guiada, invitados especiales, plantar jardines nativos y más – todo lo cual puede contar como horas de “service learning” para los estudiantes. ¡Estos estudiantes están creando un mensaje sobre el cambio climático con sus propias voces a través de varios proyectos de acción!

Quién: Estudiantes de secundaria de los grados 6, 7 y 8

Cuándo: Los martes y/o los jueves, la hora por determinar, 20 de septiembre - 22 de noviembre

Dónde: Patterson Park, la esquina de S. Linwood Ave y E. Baltimore St

Costo: ¡Gratuito!

Tenemos espacio limitado, ¡así que regístrese ahora! Utilice este formulario para aplicar.

*Se aplican reglas y regulaciones de COVID-19.

In 2015, Patterson Park Audubon Center launched a new after-school program called Green Leaders, empowering students to communicate climate change to their local community. The program is designed to give enthusiastic, eco-minded middle school leaders the climate knowledge they need - how climate is affecting birds world-wide as well as local community impacts - and then the leadership and public speaking skills they need to communicate the climate message, in their own words, to their peers and neighbors. In this way, Green Leaders will empower others to take age-appropriate actions to combat climate change in Baltimore City and beyond.

Green Leaders learn about the complex issue of climate change through trust-building activities, birding, native garden plantings, and fun exploratory games. Students are shaping their message in their own voices through the implementation of different projects, including a professionally-made video; dynamic, interactive presentations; working within local communities to build bird-friendly habitats; writing to newspapers and other media outlets; and speaking with local decision-makers. Through their presentations and video, Green Leaders are inspiring their community to combat climate change through three main action pieces:

1. Creating bird-friendly habitat.

2. Rethinking energy usage at home, work, and school.

3. Advocating for a healthier climate for future generations.

You can help too! Check out this list of 10 easy steps you can take to protect our climate for birds and people.

How you can help, right now